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Our Gear

Flite is one of the pioneering brands in this revolutionary new sport.
Premium lithium ion batteries combined with America’s cup foil design technology offers the most stable E-foiling available today.

The wireless handset gives direct control over power and speed. All participants wear a crash helmet with two-way open radio communication with your instructor for quick learning and safety. Our wet-suits and booties will keep you cosy warm. Lifejackets are worn at all times

Support vessel

We operate out of our open 5.5m RIB “Foil Patrol”. This versatile vessel is designed for easy excess to the water. For safety and comfort we carry a rope ladder to get you out of the water.


Your safety is our top priority. But ……..

Falling and crashing is part of the fun and learning process. Falling of an Fliteboard is similar to crashing while waterskiing or wakeboarding at a somewhat lower speed. Some risk associated with water impact can’t be avoided, this needs to be accepted and understood before participating. Our instructions cover falling techniques to limit these risks. Wetsuits, crash helmet, lifejacket and two-way open radio are part of limiting the risk of injury. When instructions are fallowed correctly the risk of injury are limited but we can’t stop you from getting wet.


Before we take you out in support vessel “Foil Patrol” one of our friendly instructors will give you a pre-departure safety briefing. Safety is very important to us.

After you have been fitted with a comfortable wetsuit, booties and a lifejacket we are ready to leave port. Our gear is designed to keep you safe, warm and enable you to learn as fast as possible.

Depending on the weather conditions your skipper and Efoil instructor will take you to one of our designated eFoil areas. The boat ride can vary between 5 - 15 minutes.

We take a maximum of 4 Efoil Adventurers at the time and 2 Fliteboards. Each adventurer will get 2 sessions of 20 minutes Flite time or the equivalent of 1/2 a battery charge. A few factors like tidal current influences batteries running time.

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