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Check out some answers frequently asked questions below, or watch the video to see what to expect on your efoil adventure.

Who can go Efoiling?

Anyone over 15 years of age with reasonably fitness and is able to swim. No previous board sport experience is required. Body weight limit is 100kg or 220 lb.

What do I bring?

Wear your swimsuit under your cloth and bring a towel for when you get back. Before we leave we supply you with a wetsuit, lifejacket and booties. We carry a range of sizes from small to large. Make sure you fill out the right sizing on your booking form.

Can I bring a camera or cellphone?

No. For safety we don’t want you to bring a camera or phone. We take high quality photo’s and video’s of your Adventure and send you a link where you can download your photo’s after your trip. For free? Yes for free. Just give us a like on our FB and share your experience on Instagram.

How hard is Fliteboarding to learn?

Unlike other board sports like kite boarding, snowboarding and surfing the progression is much faster. Our instructors get most customers foiling during their first 20 min session. A very few people don’t make it to standing however foiling on your knees is till very good fun.

What can I do to prepare myself?

Watch our learning to Fliteboard video more than once prior to arrival.

How safe is it?

Like all active sports Fliteboarding carry some risk. Our professional instructors will teach you the safest way to handle a Fliteboard.
Your helmet with two way radio, wetsuit and lifejacket gives you the best possible protection against injury. Listen to our instruction helps keeping you safe and makes you get on the foil as quick as possible.

How long is an Efoil Adventure Trip?

Expect to be away between 2-2.5 hour. We have different designated area’s where we can go depending on the weather conditions. Some area’s are 5-10 minutes to get to in our support vessel.

How much time will I have on a Fliteboard?

Drainage of the batteries depend on a number of factors but our experience tells us most customers will have at least two times 20 minutes board time per trip. This is long enough for most people to get a good handle on riding a Fliteboard on the foil.

Is Fliteboarding environmentally friendly?

Our Efoil boards are 100% electric. Zero emission, no noise and no wake is the best we can do. To get you to the right Efoil area we use a 5.5.m open RIP named “Foil Patrol” with a 60HP outboard. We try to turn our engine as much as possible during the Efoil sessions.

Do Efoil Adventure trips ever get cancelled?

Yes. To windy or rain has the potential we cancel your trip. If no alternative date can be found we will refund your money minus a small administration fee.
read our policies before you confirm your booking.

Do I need to book my trip in advance?

Yes we highly recommend to book your Efoil Adventure trip in advance. We run 2 or 3 trips a day depending on the time of the year. You are not the only one keen to experience to most exciting new water sport. Check out our booking.

Can I bring a friend?

No sorry only paying customers can come on your Efoil Adventure trip. Try to convince them to have a go. We take up to 4 customers on a single trip.


Before we take you out in support vessel “Foil Patrol” one of our friendly instructors will give you a pre-departure safety briefing. Safety is very important to us.

After you have been fitted with a comfortable wetsuit, booties and a lifejacket we are ready to leave port. Our gear is designed to keep you safe, warm and enable you to learn as fast as possible.

Depending on the weather conditions your skipper and Efoil instructor will take you to one of our designated eFoil areas. The boat ride can vary between 5 - 15 minutes.

We take a maximum of 4 Efoil Adventurers at the time and 2 Fliteboards. Each adventurer will get 2 sessions of 20 minutes Flite time or the equivalent of 1/2 a battery charge. A few factors like tidal current influences batteries running time.

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